Frugal CPA – It’s About Time


1 – Finishing school (big debt)

2 – Preparing to take the CPA exam (big intimidation)

3 – Starting a new job at one of the big four accounting firms at the end of the summer (big time commitment)

Reasons for Blogging

To document . . .

1 – my career progress from pre-CPA exam onward

2 – my financial progress from debt-laden to debt-free and onward

And to be a part of the blogging community, contributing here and there where I can.

Main Topics

1 – Frugal Living

2 – Savings, Investing, and Money

3 – CPA Exam Prep and Progress

4 – Career Progress and Ideas

5 – Generosity

6 – Interesting News

7 – Business Books

8 – Accounting, Auditing and Taxes

9 – Miscellaneous/Other

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2 Comments on “Frugal CPA – It’s About Time”

  1. mjmulrennan Says:

    Did you pass the CPA Exam ?

  2. frugalcpa Says:

    Yes. Happily.

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