Financial Goals, 2009

We don’t have much money.

And until we graduate from school, we won’t have the time or energy to do much more than barely get by on what my wife makes.

That said, we will have about four months when we’ll both be working full-time jobs at the tail-end of the year. So besides relying on our frugality to not go into more debt than is absolutely needed for school, we’ve made two main financial goals for 2009:

1 – Increase our short-term savings account by $5K.

2 – Pay off as much* of our student loans as possible within the 6-month window that they are still subsidized after graduation. We do NOT want to pay a lot of interest on these puppies, and at a whopping 6.8%, that’s just what we’ll be doing if we put off repayment.

Plus, we just hate having any debt besides a mortgage. Don’t you?

*I usually set very specific goals, like #1 above. But we don’t know what our expenses will be when we move, nor do we yet know anything about my wife’s future job.

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