First things First

One of the great things about the personal finance blogging community is how excited everyone is about earning and saving money. I love reading all of the tips and successes shared by so many enthusiastic people. Recently I’ve been particularly aware of posts about alternative income, and have been brainstorming how I might make some money on the side.

I asked The Fiery One what she thought about it, and we had an interesting discussion about some of my strengths, skills, and experiences. In the end, however, we decided it’s just not the right time for me to pursue alternative sources of income (or any sources at all, sadly).

I’m 7 months away from a master’s degree, and I’ll be taking the CPA exam over the summer as I finish my last classes. I’m very invested in successfully completing both of these rather important to-dos, so for now, I’m going to quell my money-making excitement in favor of mastery and CPA examery.

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One Comment on “First things First”

  1. How about starting a website about studying for the CPA? I read a blog where someone created an ebook and audio book while he was studying for ane exam (LEED, I think it was) and it’s turned into a very lucrative business for him.

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