I Love Cars

I bought my sedan in 2003 for $9,000. It was three years old, had 17k miles on it, had only been used by one lessee, and smelled fine (which happens to be important to me).

I originally wanted an SUV, a truck, or at least a stick-shift sedan. But in the end I went with just about the most practical vehicle I could find – an automatic with a 4-cylinder engine and pretty good gas mileage. I wanted to save on fuel costs, and I suspected I’d get married and have little ones within the next five or ten years.

And I was right, at least about getting married. The Fiery One and I have been married for about 3.5 years now, and we’ve only ever had the one sedan. It now has just over 100k miles, and yet it’s still going pretty strong despite a few quirks. What a great car it has been!

I’m admittedly in love with nice, new cars. I love how they look, how they sound (or don’t make a sound), how they drive, how they smell, and how they accelerate. I love how dependable they usually are, and how interesting all of the different features and designs can be.

But they’re too expensive for me. At least for right now. Sure, we could afford to get another if we really wanted one. We could pay the minimal monthly payment on a loan. It would certainly save some time since we wouldn’t have to ferry each other around as much.

Then again, we wouldn’t get as much use out of our bikes, and we’d spend a lot of extra money when we really don’t need another car. Our insurance is really low right now, and it would go up. We’d have to park the second car in the street since our driveway is too small for two.

And though I recognize all of these great reasons not to get a new car, I always look at them, if not longingly, at least lovingly. Does anyone else have my same problem?

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One Comment on “I Love Cars”

  1. K-money Says:

    Keep dreaming, don’t buy another car. You’re right, the extra expense isn’t worth it and you’ll probably gain weight. It’s fun (and cheap) to dream.

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