Valentine’s Day Recap

TheFieryOne and I have a tradition of treating ourselves to Thai or Indian food on Feb. 14th each year. Last night was different only in that we ordered take-out.

Why take-out, you ask?

1 – It’s faster and more convenient

2 – It’s less expensive – there’s no tip involved

3 – We were in a romantic-dinner-at-home mood. While I went to pick up the food, TheFieryOne prepared the ambience with a beautifully set table and music.

Here’s the financial recap:

Indian take-out = $10.50 (because one order of chicken tikka masala and naan bread – from the local Indian market that doubles as a restaurant – is enough to completely satisfy the two of us).

Pineapple juice + Sprite beverage = $4 (Too sweet. Should have used cranberry or apple juice).

Vanilla ice cream to go with homemade chocolate lava cakes = $1.80 (we were too full for dessert last night, so this part of the celebration extends into this evening).

The look on TFO’s face when she saw the $6 tulips I bought her = priceless at least $50 because she wasn’t expecting them at all (I had done my best to make it a surprise). So I saved $44 on that purchase.

Entertainment (catching up on LOST) = $0

Total: $22.30

We had a great night, both experientially and monetarily. I hope you fared as well!

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5 Comments on “Valentine’s Day Recap”

  1. K-money Says:

    My BF and I agree that Valentine’s Day is a manufactured greeting card holiday so distorted that no one seems to remember the saint for which it is named and we don’t generally celebrate it. Once in a while we do a little something just for fun. This year he bought me my favorite flowers and we spent the evening playing our current video game obsession, Elder Scroll IV. It was a great way to spend a cold stormy evening. We also ate pink and red M&Ms.

  2. Frugal Trenches Says:

    As someone who is sitting here watching Lost right now, I think you’ve had a pretty awesome Valentine’s Day!

  3. Revanche Says:

    I lucked out taking my cousin to see Coraline; her college roomie was cooking up potstickers and I got to join them for dinner afterwards. 🙂 To make up for crashing their dinner, I did all the dishes, which was actually kinda fun.

    Would highly recommend Coraline – we got to use free tickets, and Other Mother scared me so I don’t think it’s a children’s movie at all. (those two thoughts were not related)

    Also watched the first episode of Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, it was intriguing.

  4. shtinkykat Says:

    You and TFO seem like you have a great relationship that everyday is Valentine’s Day. Glad to see you had a romantic day together. 😀

  5. TB Says:

    This article from two weeks before Valentine’s Day summed it up for me, doing things that are frugal doesn’t have to be any less fun. I think this period as we rebuild balance sheets and restructure the whole economic will be “character building” as my parents used to say!

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