Gym Pass – To Renew or Not to Renew

It’s that time again. It comes around once every year for us, and I always have a very real internal struggle that goes something like this:

Bah! Pre-paid gym expense has run it’s course (get it?). Is it worth it to renew?

Nah. Gym passes are over-rated. You can always run outside and do push-ups and sit-ups at home for free. Why pay for a pass, year after year?

Because I like going to the gym. I like the treadmills, the atmosphere, the tv shows . . .

Really? The tv shows?

No, that was a stretch. The channels are always changed to something dumb. But I do like the convenience of the treadmill timers and distance display for intervals and longer runs.

What about the great outdoors? You’re an accountant. You don’t get out much. Do you really want to exercise in a confined space? Even for the tune of $8 per month?

Wow, that’s not a bad price for a gym pass.

True, but you already have access to your school gym, which is much nicer and bigger than the local rec center.

Yeah, but that’s a pain, and I much prefer changing and showering at home. Ya’ know?

Definitely. We can agree on that point. Dirty locker room floors . . .

Anyway, back to our internal debate. Should we do it? Should we renew?

And so it goes until the very last day and sometimes beyond. I like staying fit and highly value TheFieryOne and my health. I just wish it didn’t cost so much. Aside from the gym pass, we pay for new shoes fairly regularly (like once per year), comfortable exercise clothes, the Perfect Push-up (highly recommend, btw), and that may be it. But it seems like a lot.

TheFieryOne believes that if I exercised as consistently as she does, I wouldn’t hesitate like this, which is probably true. I also run outside every now and then when I’m particularly starved for nature and the weather is nice. So I really do feel like I have a valid substitute, whereas TFO doesn’t like running outside, especially since she prefers running at night and doesn’t feel comfortable being out alone in the dark.

Admittedly, I very much like the flexibility of being able to go the gym, especially on cold or rainy days, or when I’m just not sure how much I can handle. So all things considered, we’ll probably renew our passes next week.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t hesitate, at least a little.

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5 Comments on “Gym Pass – To Renew or Not to Renew”

  1. Miss M Says:

    You have a really cheap membership, I say renew it. Ours are $30/mo each. I need to go more often, I’ve been slacking off lately. I like working out, I like how I feel after working out. It’s finding the time to get over there! Go for it.

  2. Revanche Says:

    Even I would pay $8/month for a gym membership, that’s a great price. And that would allow me to work out when it’s too dark or gross outdoors since it’s nearly impossible to find time during the work day.

  3. 444 Says:

    Is it really $8 per month? I always think of small expenses by comparing them to something ephemeral and possibly wasteful that costs the same amount. People pay $8 without thinking of it for a large coffee and a pastry, or a greasy burger and fries. Which is gone, leaving you hungry again four hours later.

    $8 for a whole month of something you benefit from is worth it, in my book. Trim fat somewhere else in your budget, if you must. Downgrade your shoes or brand of athletic clothing or let the clothing go a little longer before replacing. That’s where you save the big money – on medium-ticket items that add up to be big-ticket items when you don’t watch the brand carefully or the rate at which you are buying them.

  4. frugalCPA Says:

    @ Miss M: Yeah, every time I try to duck out of going to the gym, TFO reminds me how I always come away feeling great – tired, but great.

    @Revanche: Haha. Sounds like a no-brainer then. That’s what TFO says, so you’re in good company.

    @444: Good advice. I actually got new running shoes recently, and I went with some $35 Avias. They were on major sale. I’m super happy that shoes have become much less expensive if you’re willing to look a little and try out the lesser-known brands. I wasn’t very happy with my last pair of Nikes anyway. 🙂

  5. Frugal Trenches Says:

    I would certainly pay $8 a month, and even if I only went once a week, I would view it as a very sensible healthy $2 spend ;0)

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