Increase Your Net Worth in Seconds with Creative Accounting

Is there anyone in your life that does pretty much anything you tell them to do? Maybe one of your friends, neighbors, relatives, admirers, coworkers, or fans?

If so, you should consider doing as publicly traded companies do in consolidating their financial statements. Parent companies that own or effectively control other companies are required to recognize their affiliates (owned or controlled companies) by creating one set of consolidated financial statements for reporting purposes.

If you have people (let’s call them subsidiaries, or subs for short) who do what you say, you, too, effectively control them and their assets. When heed your advice or requests, like when you suggest they buy you a hamburger, or request they drive you somewhere, they have effectively relinquished control over their own resources to you, their parent company of sorts. In order to be more open and honest (regulators like the word, “transparent”) in presenting your net worth, you may wish to recognize your subs’ assets along with yours.

So go ahead! Give your subs a call to discover their financial positions, and increase your net worth in just minutes! And, hey! There’s no SEC regulation here, so feel free NOT to include any subs with negative net worth. Be discerning, and by extending your network of control, you’ll have a sizeable net worth in no time.

Share your success stories in the comments section!

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2 Comments on “Increase Your Net Worth in Seconds with Creative Accounting”

  1. shtinkykat Says:

    Nice snarky post on the current opacity in corporate 10k statements and prospecti. I think the only people who can effectively do what you suggest are cult leaders. Can’t say that I’m energetic or charismatic enough to call myself a cult leader…. yet. 😛

  2. Manshu Says:

    Very witty 🙂 nice I like the post.

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