Waiting for My NTS

Last week I sent off my CPA exam application, and now I’m waiting (the estimate is not longer than 6 weeks) to receive my NTS (Notice to Schedule), which will allow me to schedule the four parts of the exam.

I’m planning to do Financial at the end of May, Audit at the beginning of July (every third month is an off month when nobody can take any of the CPA exam sections), Business and Economic Concepts toward the end of July, and Regulation mid-August.

I’ll be taking a few last classes over the summer, too, so I’ll be one busy studier. But from what everybody tells me, it’s definitely worth getting the CPA exam finished before you start working full time.

I’ve cracked open my Becker review materials and have been impressed by the content, the organization, and the way it’s very much catered to helping people develop and stick to their own self study program. That’ll be the key for me – sticking to a well-developed self-study program, even when I’m starting to feel burned out.

Monday marks the beginning of my self-study program. Wish me luck!

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3 Comments on “Waiting for My NTS”

  1. Good Luck! I am on my way to take audit too :)BTW, chicky finance now is smart cookie 🙂 you might want to change my link.

  2. accountingelf Says:

    Good luck! I am planning to take some parts this summer too, but I haven’t even figured out how the scheduling works yet. Do you decide all at once when you want to take each part?

    Also, how long do you plan to study each section for?

  3. freefrombroke Says:

    Wow, sounds exciting! Good luck on the exams.

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