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What? I’m Not Special?

April 8, 2009

I’m still waiting to get my notice to schedule to be able to schedule my CPA exams. For some reason I thought it would be a quick turnaround time despite the 6-week expectation set by the NASBA website. I guess I’m not special after all.

I have a friend who just finished passing all four sections of the exam. I’m very happy for him. I want to be him. At least to the extent that I’d have already passed the exams. He told me that the CPA exam (as a whole) is not as difficult as the GMAT. I found that interesting because the CPA exam requires you to know much more specific, detailed information. It’s also encouraging.

In looking over the review books (I almost wrote “reviewing the review books” but decided against it), I noticed that studying for the exam is going to be a lot like just reviewing everything I’ve learned as an accounting student. The books are laid out as outlines of all of the most fundamental (and sometimes advanced) accounting information under each topic matter. Interestingly, I actually look forward to reviewing most of what I’ve learned. It’ll be a nice way to kind of top off my educational experience and have everything at the forefront of my mind when I start work as a Big Four associate.

My study program begins next Monday (the Becker software helped me set up a strict study schedule based on my proposed exam dates). For now, I’m purposefully limiting my blog posts to CPA exam-related material to avoid it becoming a distraction. Once I finish my last exam I’ll continue blogging about all kinds of things.

As far as current major career and educational goals go, finishing my grad program and studying for the CPA exam are it.