Many people say that FAR is the most difficult section of the CPA exam. For me – whose academic focus has been financial reporting and assurance – that was not the case. I walked out of FAR feeling like I had passed it. And, thankfully, I had.

But when I walked out of REG today, I had no such feeling. Not even close. I mean, I may have passed, but if I did, it won’t have been with flying colors. Not even close.

That’s okay, though! All I need is a 75! Come on 75! Big money, big money, big money . . . (apparently, in my mind, it’s a lot like gambling, which, btw, is includable in gross income while gambling losses are only deductible as a miscellaneous itemized deduction up to the amount of the winnings, but I digress).

The one thing I feel comforted by, having just begun studying for BEC today, is that there seems to be some overlap of the things I studied for REG on BEC. And like I always say, any overlap is good overlap.

I’d complain about the long wait time for my REG score, but considering all the other things I have going on (selling my house, finding a new apartment, finishing classes, studying for BEC and then AUD, etc.), I probably won’t worry about it too much. If I have to retake the beast, I’ll retake it.

[My actual inner dialogue? “Please, oh please, be a 75! Don’t make me take the beast known as REG again!”]

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2 Comments on “REG Is A BEAST!”

  1. Clint Says:

    Dear Frugal CPA,

    I love the name! Hope you like mine. I’m also a grad student about to take REG. We have a lot in common. Congrats about FAR! I’ll add your blog to my watchlist. Thanks–The Miserly Accountant

  2. Like we discussed via email, FC (just wanted to reiterate for your readers), you are SUPPOSED to feel terrible.

    I’d worry about you if you said “So I took REG, ran out of time, rushed through the sims and I loved it SO MUCH I asked Prometric if I could take the exam AGAIN!!”

    so hang in there. Usually it’s a good sign when you feel bad – in my professional experience (2 years teaching people to pass the CPA exam x tens of thousands of students = pretty good idea what’s up with this thing ya know!) at least, FWIW.

    Happy 4th and you better let me know if I’m right 🙂


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