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Finishing, Waiting, and Changes

August 12, 2009

Lots of things are changing.

CPA Exam: I took the fourth and final section of the CPA exam! Now I’m just waiting to find out the results of the last three. Here are my scores and score predictions based on how I felt coming out of the exams:

FAR – Prediction: 85, Actual: 95

REG – Prediction: 75 (this could easily go either way, as I mentioned in a previous post), Actual: ?

BEC – Prediction: 95 (maybe this is an overly generous estimate, but I felt better about this than FAR), Actual: ?

AUD – Prediction: 82 (I’ll be surprised if I don’t pass, but it’s certainly possible), Actual: ?

According to Jeff over at, score reports are predicted to be released fairly soon for Wave 1, which, for me, means I’ll probably see my BEC score within the next few days and REG at the beginning of next week.

Unfortunately, AUD will be Wave 2, so I won’t know how I did until mid-September.

That means I have no more CPA exam studying! It has been a serious chore for the sheer quantity of information covered. If I don’t pass any of the sections (REG?), it should be much easier to study the second time around just considering my familiarity with the topics. I certainly hope I passed all of the sections, but I’m not overly worried either way.

Moving: Saying goodbye to friends is proving to be more difficult and saddening than ever before. We LOVE our friends and don’t want to admit that we’ll probably never spend much time with many of them again. I’m confident we’ll make new friends where we’re moving, but that does little in terms of comfort.

Graduating: I’m within days of finishing my master’s degree! It’s just two final exams away, after which you may call me Master frugalCPA.

Money and Getting Out of Debt: I’ll soon be making money. It’s almost unreal, Friends! TheFieryOne might be even more excited than I am! We have over $30,000 in school loans. We’ll both be working full-time, so we should be able to get rid of our debt fairly quickly (possibly even during 2010). I’ll definitely document the journey.

A New Career – As you know, I’m super excited about starting a new career as an auditor at a “Big Four” firm! I’m curious to meet the people I’ll be working with, and I’m looking forward to being part of a team.

More Time for Future Posts Such As: Score results, ways I can start my career on the right footing, our choice of apartment, things I learn at work, business book reviews, and more.


Progression and Patience

February 16, 2009

One of my long-term career goals is to be a decision-maker who can affect the direction and success of an entire organization. To achieve this goal, I plan to eventually become the CFO of a medium-sized organization where I can work alongside the CEO, adding financial expertise to the table in making strategy decisions.

When I graduated from college and got an entry-level job at a large corporation, I worked as hard as I could to get promoted quickly. I knew I had a long way to move up the ranks before I could get to the executive level. When I got my first promotion, I set my sights on the next promotion and did everything I could to get it as quickly as possible, even at the expense of coming across as too ambitious.

After my third promotion, which was championed by my manager months earlier than company guidelines recommended, I began to feel some regret for having pushed so hard to be promoted so rapidly. I realized I was being short-sighted, and that I had missed worthwhile opportunities to contribute in my previous roles. Worse, I had missed opportunities to develop closer working relationships with previous managers and teammates all in order to make more money, have more responsibility, and supposedly get closer to achieving my long-term goal.

Some people cringe at the thought of being a company executive because of the long hours, the pressure to perform, and the difficult decisions that have to be made regularly. But I’m excited to fix struggling companies, make them more efficient, and help them grow. I look forward to working on a team of bright, interesting people who share a common vision and get things done.

Idealistic ambitions are great motivators, and I feel certain I’ll eventually be on a team of executives like the one I described, even if it takes some trial and error. But I’ve learned that patience is a key element in carving my career path and developing my accounting and financial expertise. With patience, I’ll be able to make the most out of each role I take, and I’ll learn much more than I would if I continually pushed upward without ever taking time to flesh out the details.

Patience makes room for mistakes, which are a natural part of life and learning. It allows for differences and diversity of opinions, which pave the way to better-informed decisions, more meaningful relationships, and richer understanding. And it allows for a greater appreciation of the present, which is all we ever really have.

First things First

February 7, 2009

One of the great things about the personal finance blogging community is how excited everyone is about earning and saving money. I love reading all of the tips and successes shared by so many enthusiastic people. Recently I’ve been particularly aware of posts about alternative income, and have been brainstorming how I might make some money on the side.

I asked The Fiery One what she thought about it, and we had an interesting discussion about some of my strengths, skills, and experiences. In the end, however, we decided it’s just not the right time for me to pursue alternative sources of income (or any sources at all, sadly).

I’m 7 months away from a master’s degree, and I’ll be taking the CPA exam over the summer as I finish my last classes. I’m very invested in successfully completing both of these rather important to-dos, so for now, I’m going to quell my money-making excitement in favor of mastery and CPA examery.