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February 9, 2009

Yesterday I stumbled across a fantastic post over at Notes From the Frugal Trenches (many thanks to Revanche for the referral and for the nice welcome to the PF community!).

Frugal Trenches’ post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. She recounted her conversion to a lifestyle of giving and serving others, explaining in detail some of the things that she has done to make herself into the type of person she’d like to be – someone who looks out for others, who volunteers to help when help is needed, and who is not stingy, money-obsessed, or selfish.

Her post helped me realize that blogging solely about frugality, money, savings, career progression, and becoming debt free leaves my blog a bit empty and lopsided. Those things are all good, but they are means to an end, and are not sufficiently representative of my goals. There is more meaning in service, sacrifice, and love than there is in accumulating wealth.

Certainly, The Fiery One and I have goals to become debt-free and to be financially responsible. But I hope there is more depth to those goals than can be seen at face value. We want to be debt-free so that we can allocate our financial resources according to our own consciences. We want to be financially responsible because we recognize that we are stewards over earthly things, not owners. And we want to be in a situation where we can not only provide for our own family, but also where we can reach out to help others in need.

It can be uncomfortable to write about one’s own charity, and I may not include many details. But I will express my gratitude for service and giving opportunities when it seems appropriate and on the off-chance that my experiences and beliefs may help others, like Frugal Trenches’ post helped me.